who are we

We build the future!!!

«3Rock Construction» is a new constructions’ company with ….. backstory !!! Our team consists of engineers, attorneys as well as business managers, successors of the constructions’ family business «MOUSTAKATOS S.A.», the roots of which go back to 1972, while it still retains a continuous and successful presence in the field of constructions.


Nowadays «3Rock Construction» carries on the same business tradition / course, being always active in the field of constructions, but moving forward to the development of ecological construction combined with green technology. The services rendered include construction, renovation, disposition & properties’ sales. Our company also undertakes all kind of procedures related to properties’ sales (communication with notaries, public authorities, legalization of arbitrary buildings etc).

what we do

For any activity of yours, regarding your property, we are ready to provide consulting as well as to undertake the procedure of either main or minor construction licences’ issue, acting on your behalf in contacting the city planning commission. In case of ownership transfer we are certified engineers in order to issue the relevant certificates and if needed we could also proceed to arbitrary constructions’ legalization.